On Sadhana by Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo

On Sadhana

The sadhana is a difficult one and time should not be grudged; it is only in the last stages that a very great and constant rapidity of progress can be confidently expected.

– Sri Aurobindo

Impatience is always a mistake,  it does not help but hinders.  A quiet happy faith and confidence is the best foundation for sadhana; for the rest a constant opening wide of oneself to receive with an aspiration which may be intense, but must always be calm and steady.  Full yogic realization does not come all at once, it comes after a long preparation of the Adhar which may take a long time.– Sri Aurobindo


Mother and Aurobindo

If you have faith and confidence, it is not the human form of the guru that you worship, but the Supreme Lord who manifests through him.  – The Mother

Influence is not the outward authority of the Teacher over his disciple, but the power of his contact, of his presence, of the nearness of his soul to the soul of another, infusing into it, even though in silence, that which he himself is and possesses.  This is the supreme sign of the Master.  For the greatest master is much less a Teacher than a Presence pouring the divine consciousness and its constituting light and power and purity and bliss into all who are receptive around him.– Sri Aurobindo