Quote: Never do anything that will destroy another’s faith. Even the simplest faith leads Godward.

Lines to Memorize.

Wouldst Thou receive this unworthy gift of mine?

Then let me lay it prostate at Thy blessed Feet

I came with an eager heart.

Though  courage had I none to approach Thee.

But Thou, All-seeing, didst know my heart’s yearning

And didst call me to Thy side.

I am wonder-struck at this, Thy mercy!


When we learn the art of connecting ourselves with the Source of life, this little distracted fragment of life will become glorified and we shall find peace.  Our little life will be blessed and we shall not again weep and mourn.  We shall learn to practise the beautiful attributes of life – calmness, peace, steadfastness, faith.  These are the adornments of life which beautify a man’s character.


Kindle in my heart the light of understanding, O Lord,

That I may learn to be a true instrument in Thy hand.

May I never do aught to hurt or hinder my brother in his search for Thee.

May I always serve truly and faithfully all Thy children.

Accept my offering of prayers and bestow on me Thy holy blessing.

Swami Paramananda

Quote: Wise ones find their peace through renunciation

Wise ones find their peace through renunciation.


Lines to memorize


 I can speak no more for all sounds are

harsh and dissonant since I heard Thy

unbroken harmony.

Thy gentle note was drowned in this world’s

gross tumult;

But now my ears have grown deaf to all

other sounds save Thine.




The light of wisdom teaches self-detachment- detachment  from the petty details of life.  This is true renunciation.  We must never forget our connection with Divinity.  We all want something that will make our life more complete, but this does not mean the acquisition of things.  The wise pray: “Make my life more beautiful, more fruitful, more production of good.”  The man who gives up always finds something of greater value.



O Thou Giver of all good, open my mind, my heart,

my whole being to Thy higher gift.

Thou alone canst bestow what I need to make

my life complete.

Thou art the embodiment of all loveliness

and blessedness.

Thou art the beginning, Thou art the end;

Thou art all there is.

May I rest my life in Thy Divine Life.



Swami Paramananda

Quote: The proof of our love for the ideal lies in service

The proof of our love for the ideal lies in service


Lines to memorize


O awake, brother! Linger thou no more!

Come and see this newness and freshness

of love, life and joy!




A truly happy life is one which radiates happiness, which gives happiness to others. Let us make ourselves open channels to receive and transmit joy.  May we not only receive it, but let us make ourselves able to retain it, that we may give it to others. Let us pour out ourselves in love and service.  What comes of it, let us leave that to the Lord.  Every time we think of our own self it brings us sorrow in one form or another.  We may attribute our unhappiness to other things but its cause lies in self-seeking.  We can create a boundary between ourselves and such selfish thoughts through selfless devotion and consecrated service.  That boundary of selflessness nothing can penetrate.




O, All-loving Spirit, remove all selfishness

and egotism from my heart,

That I may be able to love and serve truly,

May I realize Thy Presence within and


And carry its radiance into the world.

May Thy blessing rest upon my life,

And may I share that blessing with others.

Thee for strength and wisdom to meet

each step.

Quote: Life affords us endless opportunities for unfoldment

Life affords us endless opportunities for unfoldment


Lines to memorize


The stream of my life is ever flowing on;

Perchance in swift current,

Again slow and still as if stagnant,

But ever flowing on to find Thee, Thou

ocean of life and bliss,

To join its little stream with Thine uncompassed waters,

To find its wholeness in Thy Being.




A person cannot begin to think and unfold his inner faculties without transforming everything.  His speech, his thought, his action will manifest it.  His life of itself will be consecrated and steadfast in purpose.  Egotism and aggressiveness often blind our vision and make us miss higher opportunities.  Only as we learn to draw from within are we able to make the best use of these opportunities.




O Thou Supreme Mother of the Universe,

Reveal Thyself unto me that my mind may

be freed from all lethargy and doubt.

Lift my thoughts and prayers that I may

have access to Thy Infinite Being.

Make my heart harmonious and peaceful

That I may be ready for Thy holy Spirit

to come within me.


Swami Paramananda


Meaning:     Uncompassed (encompassed)  – Among, bounded

Consecrated – solemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose;

Egotism – an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others

Perchance – by chance

Quote: I rest in the healing presence of The Mother and I am strong and whole.

I rest in the healing presence of The Mother and I am strong and whole.





In the silence of my soul, I am keenly aware that The Mother is infusing and enfolding me.  I feel that healing presence transforming a seeming condition of illness into a vision of glowing, radiant health.


Although at times I may appear to have symptoms of illness, I know a higher truth: Because The Mother and I are one, I cannot be sick.  I am strong and whole in mind and body.


My entire being absorbs the great healing power in those words as I bask in the presence of The Mother.  I repeat them often, believing and proclaiming that the power of The Mother is healing me.  As I pray, my thoughts and words are of health and well-being.  I am a radiant example of strength and wholeness.



My child, be attentive to my words;

Incline your ears to my sayings….

For they are life to those who find them,

And healing to all their flesh.”

Quote: If we live constantly close to the spiritual forces, we become charged with them

If we live constantly close to the spiritual forces, we become charged with them.


Lines to memorize


Thy immortal soul of sweet perfume

Hath risen to the throne of thy Lord;

Thou art no more separate from Him.

Thy humble heart hath taught me a holy secret,-

Yea, thou hast given thine all!




When we do our work through higher inspiration, which comes from contact with our Source, it has a special freshness.  This inspiration comes with purity of heart.  No one has a monopoly of it. The true heart is the same everywhere.  The pure soul in its attitude and aspiration is always the same.  There is no difference in the great saints anywhere.  Spiritual wisdom is always the same and it never fails to fill the one who possesses it with higher power.




O Thou who art my Resting-place and Shelter*,

I take refuge in Thy Sacred Being.

Rouse in me a new ardor of devotion.

I offer Thee my whole heart in humble worship;

Cleanse it and fill it with Thyself.



Swami Paramananda