Lift the veil of Ignorance – The Mother


00195_bbOne suddenly feels that everything one does, everything one sees, has no meaning, no purpose, but that there is something which has a meaning; that essentially one is here on earth for something, that all this – all these movements, all this agitation, all is wastage of force and energy – all that must have a purpose, an aim, and that this uneasiness one feels within oneself, this lack of satisfaction, this need, this thirst for something must lead us somewhere else.

And one day, you ask yourself, ” But then, why is one born? Why does one die? Why does one suffer? Why does one act?”

You no longer live like a little machine, hardly half-conscious.  You want to feel truly, to act truly, to know truly.  Then, in ordinary life one searches for books, for people who know a little more than oneself, one begins to seek somebody who can solve these questions, lift the veil of ignorance.  (excerpts from “Growing Within” – Aurobindo and The Mother).

Questions we ask everyday to ourselves has been asked and answered by our dear Mother. Time to remove the veil of ignorance, in upanishadic terms called the Avarana. The veil is like a curtain which does not allow us to see through the truth. So we continue in the state of finitude not knowing our purpose and our true/ real nature.

Science says, we are all made of star dust. Our Upanishads say that “You are That”. But we see ourselves different from all the names and forms we have created. Then we search for the reason for our true purpose. The Mother is asking us to shine the light of true knowledge and see the darkness of our ignorance vanish.

There is the story of darkness complaining to Brahman that Sun was chasing it and there is no place where it could be and hence has lost its peace of mind. When Brahman asked The Sun, why it was troubling (chasing) darkness, The Sun replied, “I have never seen darkness, I do not know darkness.  How could I chase something which I can’t see or know?”.

When we have true knowledge and are aware of our real nature which is Satchidananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss), all these questions vanish in the Self.